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FCGS (Fairfield County Genealogy Society)

We appreciate any contributions of material suitable for our newsletter, this can be anything that you may have found that you think may be useful to someone else or interesting in general.

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  Disclaimer Statements
  Mission Statements
  Message from the president
  African American History Month:
    Newberry Museum (Celebrating the Harlem Renaissance)
    NewSouth Books (It’s in the Action)
    Unsung Small-town Heroes (Fairfield County People by Rev. Eddie J. Woods)
    Fairfield County Military History Black Veterans:
      Civil War
      World War I
      World War II
      Korean Conflict
      Viet Nam Conflict
      Peace Time Era Between Viet Nam Conflict and Desert Storm
      Iraq Conflict
  Genealogy Resource Library (Book Additions)
  Fairfield County Genealogy Society Members Only Web Pages (Additions & Updates)
  Fairfield County Genealogy Society (2021 Members)
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  New Membership or Membership Renewal Information
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