FCGS (Fairfield County Genealogy Society)
Cemetery Committee

Chairman: Jon Davis and regularly attending Committee Members: Green Geibner and John Hollis

Mission: Identify all or as many Lost and Abandoned Graveyards in Fairfield County and
surrounding counties just outside Fairfield County (on-going activity)

A researcher trespassed numerious times on an elderly Pennsylvania lady's land and claimed there was
a cemetery but there was no evidence of one. The Supreme Court ruled in 2019, that you may not enter
private property where cemeteries may be located unless the property owner gives permission. If they say
no, you will have to request entrance by written permission. If you get caught without permission, you
can be prosecuted as trespassing. Most of our researchers go out of their way to do the right thing and
it is a shame when one person ruins it for everyone else.

Documents, you may need:
 Letter of Intent and/or SC Cemetery Laws: Section 16-17-600  and/or Section 27-43-310


If you know of this type graveyard or want to volunteer, please email .